ATM Paradigm

In the research for more innovative and natural powers, ATM has released Paradigm All Natural, a completely natural bioconditioner, with no added chemicals.

As we already know, a bioconditioner is necessary to purify potable water in order to use it as water for our aquariums. ATM claims that Paradigm All Natural is the only completely natural bioconditioner present on the market. We’re not sure if this is true, but there are few natural products for sure, so Paradigm is a great and welcome new entry.

ATM Paradigm in detail

ATM Paradigm is based on two fundamental elements, vitamin C and Aloe Vera.

The vitamin C is used for the removal of Chlorine and Chloramine in the potable water. In addition, the vitamin also fortifies the immune system of the fish. The Aloe Vera strengthens and supports the function of the vitamin E, which promotes the natural healing of the fish.

The combined action of vitamin C and Aloe Vera reactivates the protective mucus, which in turn helps to reduce the stress of our fish.

ATM Paradigm

Because of the product is completely natural, it doesn’t have any overdose problems. For the same reason it’s recommended for the transport of fish; it has a calming and protective effect. Unfortunately, ATM Paradigm doesn’t help with heavy metals, so where they’re at dangerous concentrations in potable waters, you’ll have to rely on ATM Barrier, if you want to choose the same product brand.

I use this product in particular when I have to insert new fish in the aquarium, either while they’re still acclimating in the bag, or once inserted in the aquarium. In this case I’m not aiming to eliminate the chlorine (because there isn’t any), but to help their immune system and stimulate their appetite.


Available packages and duration

ATM Paradigm is a liquid product and it’s sold in 4 different sized bottles. You have the small one of 118 ml at 12,30 euro, a 236 ml bottle at 18,70 euro, a 473 ml bottle at 29 euro and the big one of 946 ml at 52,10 euro. It’s obvious that the biggest bottle is the best value, but probably the most convenient one is the 473 ml bottle, which has a good quality/price relationship and contains sufficient product to last very long time.

10 ml of product can treat about 80 liters of water.

[Translated By Agnese Poggi]

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