Pacific Sun’s Cube Bridges the Gap Between Bluetooth and WiFi

For the longest time, Bluetooth technology was one of those highly touted bullet point features of multiple aquarium products offered from lots of different brands. It was supposed to revolutionize how hobbyists communicated with their aquarium equipment. The devices could be controlled wirelessly by all sorts of Bluetooth enabled devices, but due to its severely limited range, it was quickly overtaken by WiFi, which offered worldwide functionality via the internet. Thankfully, those Bluetooth products aren’t in any way obsolete thanks to a new device from Pacific Sun. Called the Cube, this simple little device acts as a bridge between Bluetooth and WiFi signals, allowing formerly Bluetooth only devices to connect to a wireless network and receive work direction from any place in the world.The Pacific Sun Cube will be available in 4Q 2014, which is less than a month away, and it will be compatible with all of their existing products like the LED/Hybrid fixture, T5HO fixtures, dosers, etc. A mobil and computer based app will accompany the release of the Cube, and all of the data will live in the cloud, another ever growing feature of the aquarium industry.Pricing will be announced upon the Cube’s release. In the meantime, check out these screen captures of the software. This entry was posted in Aquarium Equipment and tagged Aquarium Equipment, pacific sun, Pacific Sun Cube by Brandon Klaus. Bookmark the permalink.

The Pacific Sun Intelligent Dosing Pump Sets a New Standard for Automated Dosing

When they’re not dabbling in LED and T5HO lighting, apparently the guys from Pacific Sun also spend their spare time tinkering with other high end aquarium equipment…namely this 5-channel “intelligent” dosing pump. In February 2014, Pacific Sun will unleash this beast onto the aquarium marketplace, making it the largest dosing pump on the market as far as we know. Most dosing pumps come in three and four channel flavors, with the four pump systems usually being a slave unit with no on-board controller. Pacific Sun’s dosing pump, on the other hand, sports five independent channels AND a built-in controller. According to the teaser info, this new dosing system is said to be “super-accurate” with dosages ranging from 0.1ml to 1500ml and the unit cranking out up to 24 doses per day per channel. The Pacific Sun intelligent doser up the bar even further by incorporating a built-in top off with water level sensors and a computer controlled DC pump for topping off up to 300 liters per hour. Stepping up the game even further, the on-board controller allows the unit to be controlled wirelessly using an iOS or Android app, along with both PC and Mac versions of the software. Available in version with silicone tube / Viton tube – provides great accuracy and configure using the wireless controller – using an application on the PC / Mac / Android

Pacific Sun Sticking with Tried and True T5 Lighting Technology

In a world seemingly fixed on LED lighting and little else, it’s nice to see that T5 fluorescent technology is still developing and hasn’t been cast to the wayside. Pacific Sun, a company that specializes in aquarium illumination, must follow the same train of thought, as they have a brand new offering of specially designed T5 lamps coming out in January. Specifically designed for even the most demanding of aquaria, the lamps will be offered in five different color choices and in all of the standard sizes (24″ to 60″). Interestingly, Pacific Sun is describing these T5 lamps as being “very high output” or VHO. Based on the wattage of each lamp and their intensities (see spectra below), we would actually not consider these to be true T5 VHO lamps, which are typically driven to much higher wattages. For example, a traditional four foot T5HO bulb runs at 54watts resulting in 5000 lumens of intensity.  A VHO bulb, on the other hand, peaks at 95watts with an output of 7200 lumens.
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