Royal Exclusiv Launches the Red Dragon 6

Royal Exclusiv will soon be releasing a new DC pump called the Red Dragon 6. The first Red Dragon 6 model to be announced is a 24 volt DC controllable model that draws only 20 watts of power at max speed. The pump has been configured as a water pump or as a skimmer upgrade for the Mini Bubble King 160 & 180 models. It will also be featured on the all new Mini 160 & Mini 180 VS18 skimmers. The Red Dragon 6 pump volute and air intake valve (skimmer version) features a molded design rather than the CNC machined Red Dragon 1 & Red Dragon 3 pumps. Being that these parts are now a molded design it should cut down of the cost of the pumps and subsequently, the skimmers themselves. Pricing and availability hasn’t been

Royal Exclusiv Dreambox Review – A Year Later

It has been nearly a year since I reviewed my Royal Exclusiv Dreambox and I wanted to provide an updated review to pass along some new insights and observations.  I had been using my Dreambox for about a month and a half when I did the first review so at that point my system was brand new. As a reminder, the sump is 74 US gallons and measures 59″L x 23-1/2″W x 13-3/4″T. Along with the sump I purchased a Bubble King Double Cone 250 skimmer, which included a RD3 Speedy pump, two Red Dragon 3 Speedy return pumps and two Royal Exclusiv Media Reactors, one with a 2L capacity and the other with a 5L capacity. My overall impression of the sump has not changed. You get what you

Update: Royal Exclusiv to Relocate and Expand its Production Facilities

Due to ever increasing demand for the Dreambox Filter System in North and South America and abroad, Royal Exclusiv will be relocating to an expanded production facility and reorganizing its production and distribution operations.  Presently, all Dreambox Filter Systems are custom made individually and entered chronologically into the production schedule at its facility in Cologne, Germany.  To meet the present and future demands for its products, Royal Exclusiv will be acquiring new production equipment and production/support staff to augment their existing manufacturing capabilities. “Such changes require major time and effort in planning, training and execution”, says Scott Leif, Director of Customer Support, Royal Exclusiv USA. To facilitate the downtime involved in moving their existing production equipment to the new facility, Royal Exclusiv has placed a