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    Paul Whitby is originally from the UK, but now resides in Oklahoma USA. While in the UK, he received his Doctorate in the microbiology of fish diseases, specifically diseases of fish with high economic importance and has published several articles in this field as well as medical microbiology. Currently he is an Associate Professor at the University of Oklahoma where he specializes in the microbiology of pediatric infectious diseases. Paul is the current President of the Central Oklahoma Marine Aquarium Society (COMAS) and has had several articles published in Reefs Magazine, Reef Keeping magazine and and ReefBuilders. He has published several articles on COMAS, the development of a captive propagation program to conserve coral species, pests and parasites in marine aquaria as well as numerous reviews. In October 2007 his SPS dominated display tank was selected as Reef Keeping Magazine's Tank of the Month. Paul has presented several marine aquarium related seminars at local clubs and conferences including Oklahoma's CRASE, Reef Fest, ReefStock, NERAC, IMAC west and others. In association with his good friend Ed Brookshire, Paul owns He has been keeping saltwater aquariums for over 22 years and has owned a variety of tanks ranging from under 30 to in excess of 600 gallons. His current system, including filtration, is over 1,000 gallons.

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The Great Turtle Rescue of MACNA 2013.

The Great Turtle Rescue of MACNA 2013.

As many of you know, MACNA 2013 was held at the Westin Diplomat, which sits rather proudly on the beach: the same beach where hundreds of assorted turtles nest each year. In fact, Florida beaches host 5 different species of turtles, Loggerheads being the most common,...

The Show tanks of MACNA 2013 (part 2)

The Show tanks of MACNA 2013 (part 2)

Earlier I posted a few examples of the plethora of show tanks at MACNA 2013. Below are a few more examples of the range of displays. Some vendors went large, with huge displays, excellently aquascaped and full of fish, others went minimalist with nano systems- and all...

The Show Tanks of MACNA 2013 (Part 1)

The Show Tanks of MACNA 2013 (Part 1)

Once again another great MACNA has come and gone, and this one will surely go down as one of the best there was. Everything from the organization, the speakers, the vendors and the venue was truly exceptional, and like every MACNA before it, the vendors bought their A...

ReefRoids from Poly Labs.  Superfood for filter feeders?

ReefRoids from Poly Labs. Superfood for filter feeders?

Reef-roids is a new take on the filter feeder foods available on the market. It is specifically formulated to have a particle size in the 150-200 micron range, which the manufacturers, Polyp Labs, suggest is the best size for most filter feeding corals out there....

I’m a Wrasse-aholic.  Can anyone help me?

I’m a Wrasse-aholic. Can anyone help me?

I just found myself ordering a bunch of wrasses for my reef and realized that I have a problem. Maybe admitting it in public may be the first step to recovery. It all started with a seemingly innocuous small yellow fish. When I say yellow, I mean insanely bright...

Prismacanvas Brings Aquatic Art to Life.

Several years ago I had the pleasure of meeting PrismaCanvas artist Kaitlyn Cameron. At the time she showed me a few pieces of art she had done including a most exquisite declivis butterfly as well as a few other small pieces she had been commissioned to do. It was...

Im a Clownfish!  Hear Me Roar!!!!

Im a Clownfish! Hear Me Roar!!!!

So, during my daliances in the scientific literature I came across a title of a new paper that I just had to read. This manuscript, published in BMC Evolutionary Biology, entitled, “Interspecific variation of calls in clownfish: degree of similarity in closely related...